Height: 5'8'' | Hair: brown | Eyes: brown | 36C-27-37 | Size: 4-6 | Shoes: 8


America Crime Story - VERSACE • Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Escandalos VIP • Series/leading/Liz Karesky • Mariano Roson
Encrucijada • Educational series/leading/Martha • A. Delfina • Univision Colorado
Los Vegas • Sitcom/leading/Lucia • E. Torres • N. Del Boca
Billboard Latino • Reporter • C. Storadt
Hablemos de Cine • Movies & TV news/Host • J. Elias
Mujer Today • Magazine/Co-host • G.Junco - Azteca America
Juegos de Novela • Game show/Host • L. Monares
Te Amaré en Silencio • Soap opera/recurrent/Isabel • E. Torres - Univision
Our Perspectives • Talk show/Co-host • Elizondo/J. Elias - Gems International
Mateando con Fabiana • Talk show/Host • J. Sartori (Argentina)
America Now • Variety show/Host • F. Granda (Peru)
Entre Amigas • Magazine/Co-host • E. Borges
JAG • Series/Actress/Model • D. Bellisario
The Warriors • Dancer/Singer • E. Guerrero (Argentina/Chile)
Corin Tellado • S.Opera Pres./Actress • E. Borges
Sexual Harassment • Edu. video/Spokesperson • E. Logreira
Sexyhumor • Comedy/Actress • J. Elias



Compromised • Marybeth • T. Huff
Bad Memories • Sophia • G. Santis
The Last Game • Doña Flora • D. Faraldo

commercials & prints

Most proud associations: Lexus, JC Penney, HEB, Ford, Chevrolet,
Pic N Save, Toys R Us, SBC, MCI, Verizon, Burger King, CFC, Humira,
Medicare, Conoco Phillips, Four Seasons, Poise, Rent A Center,
AT&T, Blue Cross, Enron, 21 century, Weblaundry, Albertson's,
Magic Mountain, Corona, Jack in the Box, Sprint, Target, Bank of America,
Pechanga Casino, Supercuts, SAP, Allstate, Orville Redenbacher, Comcast,
Honda, AARP, Da Vinci Surgery, Understood, Planet Fitness, Liberty Bank, etc...


Trees Die Standing • National Conservatory/ Bs. As.
All Those Years • Columbus Theatre
The Lucky Cup • St. Joseph Inst.
El Acompañamiento • St. Joseph Inst.


I was born in Buenos Aires of Italian & Basque descent.
Bachelor of Arts degree/Design • Associate in Science/Art 3D
creator/designer of THINKING PANTIES®
Other talents...? One or two ;)

(I also like pasta and pizza!)